The Deck Building Game











Engage in a battle of heroes!


  • Summon the heroes of Cosplaying Cats in exciting warfare!


  • Companion System brings allies to rally by your side. Bring forth your 'Side-Kicks'


  • Unlock your companions Special Abilities to turn the tides of battle


  • Create dynamic Duos to overcome any obstacle

Strategically gain the upper hand


  • Action Cards turn the tides of battle with devastating effects to your opponent


  • Distraction Cards distract the enemy, preventing attacks on your heroes


  • Ninja Kittens use sabotage to cause immense damage to your opponent


  • Support Cards boost your heroes to gain the upper hand in combat

*images are concepts only and do not represent the final product.



Engage in epic battles of all your favorite Cat Heroes! From Wolvercat, Bat Cat, Cat America and many more!





Heroes Made

Ninja Kittens Unleashed





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